February 4, 2009 - City Fire Introduces Dedicated Service for Exit Sign and Egress Lighting Fire Code Compliance

New Jersey Uniform Fire Code requires mandatory monthly inspection and annual testing of all emergency lighting and exit signs.

East Hanover, NJ – February 24, 2009 – City Fire Equipment Company has introduced a new service to help building owners and facility managers meet state fire code requirements that they perform monthly inspections and an annual test of all emergency lights and exit signs on their properties. City Fire personnel are now performing this testing and providing owners and managers with documentation of compliance.

The Fire Prevention Code Section 604.3.1.1 states: “Required emergency lighting systems, including exit signs, shall be tested for proper operation for a minimum of 30 seconds every month. An annual test shall be conducted for at least one hour.” The new code went into effect February 1.

“This can be an onerous task for many building owners and facility managers,” said Paul McGrath, City Fire Equipment Company president. “Monthly inspections and annual testing of this equipment and systems can be labor-intensive and very time-consuming for building maintenance staffs that are occupied with daily responsibilities.

“We’re finding that many building owners are relieved to have professional fire safety technicians come in to perform these tests, make any necessary repairs and provide them with documentation they can show fire code inspectors. It lifts a necessary burden off their shoulders and the service has become very popular.”

City Fire Equipment personnel perform the monthly inspections of the emergency lighting and exit signs; take any remedial action necessary on the equipment; adhere stickers certifying and dating the inspections; and provide documentation of the work and results. Once each year they perform the 60-minute test required by the code. While on premise, the technicians also can check fire extinguishers, sprinklers and alarms.

“This is a perfect solution for building owners and facility managers who are committed to meeting their compliance requirements but do not have the resources to perform the work themselves,” McGrath said. “City Fire Equipment Company is the ideal partner. These owners and managers already know us as proven fire prevention professionals and experts in fire code compliance. We are simply extending that relationship, helping them meet their obligations while providing the peace of mind of relying on someone they trust.”