Plan and Practice Your Escape Plan in the Workplace|2017 Fire Prevention Week


Fire Prevention Week 2017

“Every Second Counts, Have Two Ways Out.” When there is a fire, there is no time to plan your escape route. Preplanning your route can be the difference between life and death.

You’ve probably planned and practiced your escape route from your home with your family and your children have practiced their escape plan from school on a monthly basis. But, have you planned two ways out of your workplace? When fires occur, elevators are inoperable, so have you planned a different way to exit the building? Human are creatures of habit, so it is important to practice different routes of exits on a regular basis. 

Workplaces differ from homes for many reasons, one being that workplaces may be in large building with multiple levels and elevators. They also may have employees spread out throughout the building, so communication during an emergency can be very difficult. One of the biggest differences is the amount of people is a workplace verses a home. All of these factors can make a mass evacuation very difficult.

In order to execute a quick and safe escape, there should be a set of leaders who are put in charge of coordinating and overseeing an orderly evacuation. The 3 C’s can help create a safe evacuation

Contact- This person should contact emergency services and contacts employees to tell them whether or not they should evacuate.

Checker- This person should double check for straggles and assist employees who may need help evacuating.

Counter- This person should do a head count once all employees have evacuated. For large companies, department heads should do headcounts and report total to the main counter.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Create and practice your plan today!

If your facility does not have an up to date plan and you would like assistance, please give us a call 973-560-1600.