2017 City Fire Person of the Year|Jesus Feliciano


On December 9th, City Fire celebrated this past year’s success at The Loft at 350 in West Orange, during a Murder Mystery Masquerade ball. With the help of The Murder Mystery Company, our employees participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner show. During the event our guests worked together to figure out who murdered one of the Masquerade Ball attendees. There were many laughs shared and memories made! We were shocked to find out that one of our own, Bertha Peacock (played by Luz Alicias) was the murderer!Bertha Peacock- Murder

The night ended with dancing and a few words from Paul McGrath, president of City Fire. Everyone anxiously waited for the announcement of the 2017 Person of the Year. This award was founded in 2011 on behalf of City Fire’s founding father, William Bretzger III. The award was established to honor and recognize an outstanding City Fire employee that truly exemplifies City Fire’s Core Values and whose skillful and steadfast work has been an integral part of the company’s overall success. City Fire’s management team comes together to nominate an employee who they feel has made a substantial impact within the company and someone who truly embodies the company’s core values.2017 person of the year

It was with great honor that Paul McGrath awarded Jesus Feliciano as the 2017 City Fire Person of the Year. Jesus has been a fixture at City Fire since August of 2006 and has worn many hats during the years. He began as a shop helper, and it was evident quickly that he was an asset to the company, so he began training to go on the road as a service technician. After many years on the road, he was promoted to a service supervisor.Jesus Feliciano

In his role, he is responsible for supervising our shop as well as 13 crews on the road. In the shop he makes sure all fire extinguishers that enter the shop received all the proper maintenance they need. This is an important role because when our customers use us, they are confident that their fire protection equipment will work when they need it most. As for the crews on the road, he is responsible for supervising all 13 service technicians and making sure they are making all their stops and are properly trained to be servicing fire protection equipment.

Jesus is always willing to help in any way he can. Whether it be hanging a picture or answering a question, he is always ready to help. Jesus is a valued player on our City Fire team because of his strong work ethic, willingness to help, and his wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to share. He is a great example of a City Fire employee.

We would like to give a special thank you to Laura, Jesus’s wife, for supporting our team!2017 person of the year

Congratulations Jesus for this accomplishment and thank you for your endless dedication to our team!