What is Pool Bonding and Grounding?


Pool Bonding and Grounding

These recent nor’easters may have you thinking more and more about summer. Sunshine, warm breezes, and refreshing dips in the pool sound much better than shoveling snow or 5 o’clock sunsets.

Summer will be here before we know it! But before you take the first refreshing dip in the pool of the summer, stop to think if you’ve got your pool’s bonding and grounded visually inspected or if you’ve had the bonding inspected within the last 5 years?

You might even be asking yourself, what is pool boning and grounding, and does my pool need it?

Bonding is the process of connecting all electrical currents into one circuit. For example, putting the pool lights, heater and filter on the same circuit.

Grounding is the process of connecting the bonded circuit to the earth. By doing this, if an electrical current hits the circuit, the electrical current will go into the ground and not into the pool or any other electrical conductor. If the current was released in the pool water or hand railing, a swimmer will be electrically shocked when they make contact with the electrical conductor.

So before you take your first dip, be sure your pool has had the proper inspection done.

Did you know that City Fire is a Fully Licensed Electrical Contractor?

To schedule an inspection of commercial pools please contact City Fire at 973-560-1600.