2018 City Fire Person of the Year!


On Saturday, December 8th, City Fire celebrated this past year’s success at The Loft at 350 in West Orange. During the night, our City Fire family gathered to eat, drink and dance. As a family owned business, we really enjoy every chance we get to gather outside of the office and enjoy each other’s company. Throughout the night, the dance floor was packed with help from our friend Jack from LJ DJ.

During the evening, Paul McGrath, president of City Fire, spoke about the great success that our City Fire family accomplished in 2018. He also revealed what everyone was anxiously waiting for, the 2018 City Fire Person of the Year. The City Fire Person of the Year award was founded in 2011 on behalf of City Fire’s founding father, William Bretzger III. The award was established to honor and recognize an outstanding City Fire employee that truly exemplifies City Fire’s Core Values and whose skillful and steadfast work has been an integral part of the company’s overall success. City Fire’s team of supervisors come together to nominate an employee who they feel has made a substantial impact within the company and someone who truly embodies the company’s core values.

It was with great honor that Paul McGrath awarded David Waldock as the 2018 City Fire Person of the Year. David began his journey with City Fire in January 2004 as a salesmen, and in his years with us, he has made a big impact. He is honest, motivated and open to learning, hungry with desire, and willing to do the work. He has spent many hours after work helping service fire extinguishers while learning the fire protection business from the ground up. He has set and exceeded his goals.

2018 City Fire Employee of the Year

In 2008 after performing well as a hunter in our sales department, David took a step back to a farmer as hunter leads dried up in the Great Recession. As a result, City Fire continued to grow, while other companies felt the impact of the recession. He took on the responsibility to build our service and repair sales. Since joining the City Fire sales team 15 years ago our sales department has grown tremendously. Meanwhile, he has constantly developed procedures and policies to improve our Sales Contracts.

City Fire Sales Department

In October 2014 he was promoted to Sales Supervisor, where he oversees all farmers in the sales department. He helps his teams achieve their goals and learn the fire protection business, all while withstanding the constant pressure to meet quarterly and yearly goals.

In January 2019, David will make the transition from Sales Supervisor to Sales Manager.

Congratulations David! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to City Fire! Keep up the great work!

We would like to give a special thank you to Jennie, David’s wife, for supporting our team!

2018 City Fire Employee of the Year