Why is a 5 Year Obstruction Test important? | Fire Sprinkler System


In 2002, the NFPA began to require 5 Year Obstruction Test for fire sprinkler systems to encourage proper maintenance for the lifesaving equipment. Over time, the mixture of water, oxygen and metal can lead to corrosion of the fire sprinkler pipes, which may cause sprinkler heads to become blocked. Corrosion can also reduce water pressure and volume which affects the sprinkler system design. Fire sprinkler systems are designed to flow certain amount of water based on the hazard level of the protected area.
During the inspection, if any obstructions or corrosion is found, the sprinkler system should be thoroughly flushed to clear it out. 
5 Year Obstruction Test
5 Year Obstruction Test also identify certain bacteria or microorganisms found in the water, which can cause the metal pipe to break down. If Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), is found in the water, it is imperative to properly treat the system in order to prevent metal pipes from continually breaking down.
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