School Bus Fire Protection | School Fire Protection


Did you know that school buses require fire protection inspections?

School buses are required to have fire extinguishers installed onboard the cabin.

Bus fires are more common than you probably think. According to a December 2017 ABC News article, there are on average 379 school bus fires a year. That’s more than one a day. Installing an on board fire suppression system could cut that number down greatly.


Some school buses are required to have suppression systems installed on them to insure the safety of the students riding the bus. In most cases, buses that serve special needs persons are required to have suppression systems installed on them. A suppression system allows the occupants more time to get off the bus, by alerting the driver of a fire and putting the fire out. This is important on a special needs bus where occupants may be in wheelchairs or require assistance getting off the bus. 

Fire suppression systems also help protect the large investment of a school bus. During a fire, a school bus with a suppression system onboard is more likely to have minimal damage compared to a bus without one. A total loss of a bus can be a large financial burden for a town or bus company.