Get ready for Big Brew 2020 on May 2, Check your CO2 Tanks

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Are you ready to get your Big Brew on and participate in The World’s Largest Virtual Big Brew this Saturday?

In honor of National Homebrew Day (which falls every year on May 7), the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) will celebrate their 23rd Annual Big Brew on Saturday, May 2.

This year’s celebration is being held virtually for the first time due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and stay at home orders that are still in place restriction issued across the country. So far, nearly 3500 homebrewer participants from 62 countries from around the world have pledged to come together virtually and unite over beer while socially distancing.

Join in on the fun: There will be a Big Brew international toast taking place virtually on Saturday, May 2 at 1:00 p.m. EST. United in Beer, Yet Social Distancing

AHA Big Brew 2020 Announcement

After all the time and effort that goes into crafting your homebrew, there is nothing quite like creating a perfect pour of homebrewed beer straight from the tap.

Make sure you are prepared for the Big Brew celebration. If you are looking to enjoy a carbonated homebrew, let this be your reminder to not wait till the last minute and go check the regulator on your kegerator’s CO2 tank now!

If your CO2 tank is running low, on empty or if you want to pick up a spare tank before the weekend– now is the time to give us a call at 973-560-1600 to schedule your appointment.

The Store at City Fire, located in East Hanover, offers quick onsite CO2 refill services and has an inventory of 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb CO2 tanks (filled) available for purchase for the draft beer enthusiasts across the Morris County and Essex County areas. If you don’t want to wait to get your tank refilled, ask about our CO2 Tank Exchange/Swap Program.

Our East Hanover store location is conveniently accessible to major highways: Route 208, Route 80, and Route 46. Store hours are from 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday. Due to Coronavirus safety precautions, all customers are required to call ahead prior to arrive and book an appointment. Same day appointments are available.