Cabinets, Accessories & Cover

Protecting your fire extinguishers is an important part of fire safety. City Fire carries a wide variety of fire extinguisher cabinets, accessories and covers to meet your specific needs. Please contact us at our East Hanover office via (973) 560-1600, at our Wall Township office via (732) 282-0003 or via email at to place your cabinet or cover order.


Potter Romer 10lb. Cabinet
Semi-Recessed 7022-A  
Recessed 7020-A  
Surface Mount 7024-A  
Potter Romer 20lb. Cabinet
Semi-Recessed 7027-A  
Recessed 7025-A  
Surface Mount 7029-A  
5-10lb Window FE-1W  
15-30lb Window FE-2W  
50lb WU WFE-50  
150lb WU WFE-150  
350 WU WFE-350