Fire Extinguisher Parts

From seals to locking pins to vehicle brackets and hanging brackets, City Fire carries all types of fire extinguisher parts. Contact us at our East Hanover office via (973) 560-1600, our Wall Township office via (732) 282-0003 or via email at to inquire about the fire extinguisher parts you need.


Fire Extinguisher Parts
Seals (Sold in Packs of 500)
Red 500EJBR  
Black 500EJBBK  
Yellow 500EJBY  
Green 500EJBG  
Blue 500EJBL  
Orange 500EJBO  
White 500EJBW  
Amerex Vehicle Brackets
5lb Bracket A818  
10lb Bracket A809  
20lb Bracket A810  
Wall Brackets
5lb Wall Bracket WH5  
10-15lb Wall Bracket WH15  
10lb Amerex A5525  
20lb Wall Bracket WH20  
Locking Pin PIN  
Double Locking Pin DBLPIN