Fire Extinguishers

City Fire carries all types of fire extinguishers from many manufacturers to suit your fire protection needs. Whether it is a 2 1/2 lb. ABC or a 125 lb. Purple K, we have it all. If you would like to place an order, or if there is something you are looking for that is not listed, please contact us at  our East Hanover office via (973) 560-1600, at our Wall Township office via (732) 282-0003 or via email at


Buckeye Dry Chemical
2-1/2lb ABC 13315  
5lb ABC w/Vehicle Bracket 25614  
10lb ABC 11340  
20lb ABC 12120  
50lb Wheeled 20127  
125lb Wheeled --  
2-1/2lb PK w/Vehicle Bracket 13515  
5lb PK w/Vehicle Bracket 25914  
10lb PK 11740  
20lb PK --  
50lb PK Wheeled --  
125lb PK Wheeled 20684  
Pyrochem Dry Chemical
2-1/2lb ABC 552920  
5lb ABC w/Vehicle Bracket 552924  
10lb ABC 553501  
20lb ABC 552946  
50lb ABC Wheeled --  
125lb ABC Wheeled --  
5lb PK 552927  
10lb PK 552944  
20lb PK 553081  
Buckeye Carbon Dioxide
5lb Co2 45100  
10lb Co2 45600  
15lb Co2 46100  
50lb Wheeled --  
125lb Wheeled --  
Petrochem Carbon Dioxide
50lb Co2 552083  
10lb Co2 552084  
15lb Co2 Wheeled 552085  
50lb Co2 Wheeled 552333  
100lb Wheeled 552300  
Pyrochem Water and Kitchen
Kitchen One 552055  
2-1/2lb. Water 552050  
Buckeye Halatron
5lb Halatron 70510  
11lb Halatron 71100  
15.5lb Halatron 71550  
Ansul Red Line
20lb PK Cartridge Operated 416309  
Ansul Cartridge 4614  
Ansul Cartridge 6979