Signs, Labels & Tags

Labeling is an important part of fire protection. It is essential to know what type of equipment to use. We carry a wide variety of fire labels, tags and signs. Please browse our list to satisfy your individual needs. If you would like to place an order or you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us at our East Hanover office via (973) 560-1600, at our Wall Township office via (732) 282-0003 or via email at We can also have custom-made signs made to suit your needs.

Plastic Inspection Tags RTC  
Resaleable Tag Covers 7020-A  
18 x 4 Fire Extinguisher Vinyl Sign ES1  
10 x 9 Exit Sign ES15  
5 x 6 Stand Out Fire Extinguisher Sign ES12  
10 x 8 Exit Glow in the Dark Sign ES16  
Roof Truss Sign ES4  
Floor Truss Sign ES5  
Roof/Floor Truss Sign ES6  
Plastic Breakaway Caps/Set of 2 250 CCP  
Aluminum Breakaway Caps/Set of 2 250 BCA  
2-1/2lb Plastic Cap NST 250 CP  
2-1/2lb Brass Cap NST 250 CB  
1-1/2lb Plastic Cap NST 150 PCNST  
1-1/2lb Brass Cap NST 150 BCAP