September 28, 2011 - City Fire Presents Stat-X


State-of-the-art aerosol technology offers cost-effective and operationally convenient option that is
safe for sensitive equipment and personnel and environmentally benign

East Hanover, NJ – September 28, 2011 – City Fire Equipment Company of East Hanover continues its tradition of providing cutting-edge products and services with its newest offering, Stat-X, a state-of-the-art, aerosol fire suppression system that protects expensive and sensitive business equipment in protected enclosures, is cost-effective and is safe for personnel, according to Paul McGrath, City Fire president.  Stat-X also is environmentally friendly, making it ideal for companies committed to becoming more green, he added.

Stat-X employs is an aerosol mixture of 30 percent potassium and 70 percent particulates.  Aerosol fire suppression systems work by interacting and interfering with the free radicals that fuel a fire – oxygen, hydrogen and hydroxide.

As an aerosol Stat-X is highly buoyant and, if released, suspends in the gas/air mixture within the protected enclosure, according to McGrath.  As a result the aerosol does not begin to settle for an extended period and can be easily and quickly vented after a fire.  Any deposit of particulates on equipment will have no harmful impact on the equipment and can be easily removed with compressed air, McGrath added.

 “This is an ideal product for a variety of critical applications located in protected enclosures, valuable equipment that not only must be protected from fire but also from fire suppression systems that potentially could prove as damaging as a fire,” McGrath said.  “With the elimination of halon from fire suppression systems for environmental purposes, aerosol technology offers an excellent option and Stat-X is the best of the non-halon alternatives, the reason we have added it to our menu of products.”

Stat-X products offer cost advantages over other fire suppression systems, according to McGrath.  Stat-X systems are easily installed, requiring no piping, easily maintained and have a 10-year life-cycle.  Stat-X systems are self-contained units that offer space and weight reductions of 90 percent, allowing efficient use and placement, McGrath added.

Stat-X is safe for personnel.  It is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for unoccupied areas and areas not normally occupied by people but which may be entered occasionally.  In addition, the product offers businesses the opportunity to go green and reduce their carbon footprint, according to McGrath.

 “Today being environmentally friendly is an important business strategy and public statement,” McGrath said. “This is a product that better serves all the assets of a business or public entity.  Stat-X is beneficial for expensive and sensitive equipment, budgets, operation, personnel and community goodwill.”

Stat-X is ideal for a variety of critical applications, according to McGrath: telecommunications facilities and data centers; server rooms and closets; process control rooms; CNC machines and machine tools; cell site enclosures/cell towers; flammable liquid storage; marine engine rooms; paint spray booths; vehicles and locomotives; mobile base station facilities; turbine enclosures and generators; storage vaults; power generation and distribution facilities; and nuclear power plants.

Business sectors perfectly suited for Stat-X include: corporations with data centers; pharmaceuticals; insurance; commercial property; utilities; hospitals; transportation; government; and emergency response, according to McGrath.

Stat-X offers variations of its product, including a fixed system unit, thermal/manual units and a cost-effective unit for first responders, including emergency medical technicians and police and fire personnel.

City Fire Equipment Company is partnering with Fireaway to bring Stat-X to new and existing customers.

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