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Commercial Kitchen Systems

Today’s commercial kitchens are home to more than recipes for fine food – they also are home to recipes for fire emergencies. Low-fat foods cooked with hotter vegetable oils can combine with highly insulated modern cooking appliances to create fires harder to extinguish than in the past.

Restaurants, hotel kitchens and banquet facilities, school cafeterias and hospital kitchens and nursing homes all must adhere to rigid fire safety codes to ensure that fires can quickly be controlled and extinguished. In addition, UL 300 standards apply to all kitchen fire suppression systems manufactured after 1994 due to increased commercial cooking times and temperatures, with wet chemical fire suppression systems replacing dry chemical systems.

We can design and install the appropriate fire suppression systems for your commercial kitchen, based on the type of equipment and operation. We also inspect, test and maintain new and existing fire suppression systems, including filter exchanges, to help commercial kitchens fully meet fire safety code requirements and protect employees and equipment. We work with wet chemical, dry chemical and UL 300 systems, as well as Class K fire extinguishers, which offer the best hand-held options.

City Fire Commercial Kitchen Systems & Products:

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems 
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Class K Fire Extinguishers

City Fire Commercial Kitchen Services:

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