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Emergency Egress

Public buildings are required to have emergency lighting in place for general safety and Emergency Egress is one of the more common violations cited by fire code inspectors. When designing a building’s emergency egress system, businesses and building managers must consider illuminated exit signs, emergency lighting and lighting that functions in case of power outages.


Emergency lights and exit signs are vital components of any emergency lighting system and come in both electrical and non-electrical models. Combo exit emergency lights serve to both identify an emergency exit path and provide illumination. Egress lighting also needs to function in the absence of electrical power. As even backup electrical systems can fail, many emergency egress lighting systems are battery-powered and/or supported by back-up generators.

We will design the best Emergency Egress system for your building or business, based on your needs and local, state and federal fire code requirements. In addition, we will regularly visit your facility to inspect, test and maintain the equipment, and provide documentation certifying such work.

To learn more about City Fire emergency egress products and services, contact us at our East Hanover office via (973) 560-1600 or at our Wall Township office via (732) 282-0003.

Emergency Egress Systems & Products:

Emergency Lighting
Exit Signs
Combo Exit Emergency Lighting
Emergency Stand-by Power

Emergency Egress Services